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Explore the beaches and coves of Symi island with one of our boats! The safest and most enjoyable way to discover the natural beauties of our island!

Natural beauty

The Jewel of the Dodecanese

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Crystal blue

Unique destinations for all ages

Visit the monastery of Panormitis, one of the most visited
monasteries in Greece, and enjoy the crystal clear
waters of the Aegean sea!

Beautiful, singled beaches, with clear crystal water and pebble are waiting for you to discover on your holidays here on Symi. Most of them have facilities and they are accessible from sea by boat.
Popular destinations…


Small, sandy beach near to Pedi. There are sun beds, umbrellas and bar-restaurant. At the entrance of the gulf there is a picturesque chapel on a small a island with unique beauty. The water is incredibly clear and great for snorkeling.


GEORGE is the most spectacular and popular beach for the vertical 300 meters cliff which surround the shore with the turquoise water. Is accessible only by boat and there is no restaurant. Therefore you have to be prepared and take with you the whatever is necessary.


Is a small cave with clear blue water and peddles. When it’s windy the beach
is protective by the mountains, so you can enjoy your swimming.
There is  a restaurant and facilities.


Is located in the south of Symi. This small island has crystal, clear water
and absolute quiet to enjoy your swimming.
Is has been characterized as an  archaeological area and there are no facilities.


The beach is accessible only by the boat. It’s one of the most beautiful
beaches in the northern part of the island with pebbles and sand.
An amazing and wonderful location.


A fabulous area with a chapel built on the island connected with a
narrow piece of land. Clear, peaceful water to
enjoy your swimming.


This  beach with pebble and sand at the northern
side of the island. There is tavern, sun beds and very
good sea for swim.


A beach near the centre of Symi.
A beautiful area with clear sea which deepens abruptly.
There is a café, a canteen and a restaurant.


Located near  Pedi. There are umbrellas, sun beds
and restaurant. It’s very popular for families
with younger children.


Impressive, picturesque and large  beach in a  wooded gulf with cypress.
It has clear blue water and fabulous bottom which challenge you to discover.
There are umbrellas, sun beds and a restaurant.


There is a small and beautiful deserted beach in a
beautiful bay. If you want  something  quieter  and more
lonely, then  Faneromeni  is  the  right  place.


You can visit  Panormitis visited by boat, by car  or by foot. Is popular for the
monastery of Archangel Michael which attracts thousands of  visitors
all the year round. There are shops, a restaurant and a beach to swim.


The seal cave is accessible only by boat.
There is a secret beach inside which worth swimming in crystal
clear waters and perhaps be lucky to spot a seal.


Is located opposite to st. Emilianos.
A very beautiful and peaceful beach.
The natural beauty compulsive you.


This beach located behind the island called Nimos.
It’s quiet, single beach ideal for those
who desire peacefulness.